Law Enforcement and Emergency Communications
for Waller County, Texas


In Waller County, 2 Radio systems are currently being used (as of 09/2011) this includes some older Conventional (non-trunked) and also a Trunked system which is part of the TxWARN (Texas Wide Area Radio Network) system.
Law Enforcement, Some Fire Department, and nearly all EMS radio traffic is on the Trunked System. Some of the Fire departments are still using the old Conventional (non-trunked) radios. Most of the action in Waller County is on the Trunked System.

UPDATE As of 11/2011 the Hempstead Tower has been "Rebanded". This is a process that is ongoing around the nation, in which the trunking systems in the 800Mhz Spectrum are being reprogrammed to use some newly released frequencies in the 800Mhz Spectrum. These frequencies once belonged to Nextel. The consequences of this process are that scanners that worked with the trunking system before, no longer will. A newer scanner that supports the "800Mhz Rebanding" is required to be able to track the trunking. Trunktracker I and II scanners likely will not offer the custom programming necessary to work with these new frequencies. Some Trunktracker III scanners will work fine, some may need the firmware on the scanner "flashed" with your computer to upgrade to the latest firmware. All Trunktracker IV Scanners should work fine with the 800Mhz Rebanded Trunking Systems.

Radio Systems Currently In Use

Motorola Type II Smartzone (800 Mhz Analog)
Conventional (150 Mhz)

Scanner Type(s) Needed To Monitor

TrunkTracker III or newer (800Mhz with Rebanding Support)
Conventional Scanner (150 Mhz)

Frequencies and Other Info


Fire and EMS Dispatch - 155.760Mhz
Backup (SO 2) - 155.9325Mhz (not sure if this is still active)

Note: This system is trunking, BUT you CAN (Without a Trunking Scanner) listen in to the voice channels and hear the radio traffic, however, you will not be able to lockout Harris County radio traffic that makes it's way onto this tower from time to time (when the unit's get close to Waller County their car's radio's switch to Hempstead Tower for best signal). Go below to the TrunkTracker frequencies and just program in the "Voice Channels" into your scanner, without the control channel. The most popular frequency on the tower is by far (greater than 80% of all radio traffic) on 852.90000Mhz. By this I mean you can hear 80% of all radio traffic or more during low activity, on that one frequency.

TrunkTracker III (or newer)

Control Channel(s) - 859.46250Mhz (main control) 853.60000Mhz (alternate control)
Frequencies (voice channels) - 852.66250Mhz , 852.75000Mhz , 852.90000Mhz , 853.37500Mhz , 853.75000Mhz

800Mhz Rebanded: Yes
Current: Confirmed 11/2011

Talkgroup ID's:
Fire and EMS:
21904 	Hermann Life Flight Dispatch
16064 	Waller Co. Fire (tactical use, Tri-County only)
16096 	Waller Co. EMS Dispatch
16128 	Waller Co. EMS Tactical ("MED")

Waller County Sheriff's Office Primary:
23152 	WALLER SO-1 	Waller Co. Sheriff Dispatch (5XX Units) 

Waller County Sheriff's Office Tactical and Other:
23184 	Waller Co. Sheriff Tactical
23216 	Waller Co. Narcotics Task Force
23248 	Waller Co. Sheriff Detectives/Investigations
23280 	Waller Co. Sheriff Crime Scene (talkaround use)
23312 	Waller Co. Law Enforcement Mutual Aid

City of Hempstead:
23344 	Hempstead Police Dispatch (1XX Units)
23376 	Hempstead Police Tactical

City of Brookshire:
23408 	Brookshire Police Dispatch (7XX Units)

City of Waller:
23440 	Waller Police (2XX Units) - Dispatched on SO-1

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT):
17296 	TxDOT (Waller County)

Prairie View A&M University:
23472 	PVAMU Police 	Prairie View A&M University - Police Dispatch